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Dealers Wanted!

You have lots of selling options, and we strive to keep our rates low to help you achieve your sales goals.  Come on out, park your RV,  camp for the weekend, and have some fun!


To take part in a friendly market with unbelievable potential, give us a call or text

Corey, 218-640-1171

Susan, 218-640-1126


It’s in the Rules …

Before we can rent space to a person desiring to sell at our market, we must obtain evidence that seller holds a valid sales tax permit or a written statement that no taxable items are being sold.  Our failure to collect this information results in financial penalties to us for each seller from whom the evidence was not obtained.


Don’t let our legal obligation deter you from selling with us!  As a standard practice, we will provide a form for completion and return prior to set up.  We want you to have a successful selling event; if you have any questions, please call.



Inside – 14 ft x 20 ft, includes electricity and a table

Spaces are clearly marked, clean and inviting

$15.00                   1 day

$45.00                  3-day weekend


Outside $10.00 per day, unlimited space, no electric, no table provided


Highway Frontage - $25.00 for five weeks, show and sell your vehicle, boat or implement along Highway 10


RV Electric - $5.00 per day


When you set up with us …

Exhibit pride for your area by maintaining a clean, safe and friendly environment.  Refrain from the use of loud music or other noise.  The care you take in keeping your space tidy and your displays appealing will result in better sales and assure repeat business


This is a family-friendly market.  Good discretion applies to personal conduct and to the items you sell.  Each must be suitable for all ages.  Unacceptable behavior is not tolerated and will not be overlooked.  Heckling is prohibited.


Shoppers and dealers alike, we want everyone to favor their experience at our market.

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