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How Do I Sell Stuff Here?

Can I sell my stuff at the flea market?
               Yes!  Setting up is easy.  If you want to set up outside, just show up with your stuff!  We will find you and suggest the best location based on traffic flow.  If you want to set up inside, please call or text Corey at 218-640-1171 or Susan at 218-640-1126 for inside availability.  Hope you decide to set up with us.  It’s fun!


How many people come to the market?
               A guestimate is 200 to 300 people per day. 


What time can I set up?
               We open the doors for vendors at 8 AM.  If you need access to the building at a different time, please contact Corey at 218-640-1171 or Susan at 218-640-1126.


Do you have free internet?
               We do not have free internet service at this time.


Is that guy sleeping?
               Yes, he wants your money, wake him up.


What time do we close?
               5 PM


What time do we open?
               9 AM


What if I want to sell my stuff, but don’t want to set up?
               Soliciting is prohibited.  You must rent a space to sell at the Wadena Flea Market.  If you want to sell your items to a vendor, you must still pay the Flea Market $15.00 to set up for the day.



Do I need a tax ID to set up?
               No.  Many people hold their garage sales at the flea market.  If it is not a regular source of income, no tax identification number is necessary.  However, the state requires us to have you complete the MN‑ST19 form for our records.  We could incur financial penalties if we do not collect this information from you. 



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